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1). Where is Paw Placement located? Paw Placement has no central location outside of our PETsMART location on our adoption days. 

2). The best way to quickly arrange to meet an animal is to fill out the ONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION. Location details, adoption days and application may be found on the "How to Adopt" page.

3). May I put an animal "on hold" if I am interested in adopting? No. For every adoption Paw Placement does, we are able to return to kill-shelters to save lives. Holding an animal means that we cannot rescue animals on death row. Please make sure you are ready to adopt when you submit your Online Adoption Application. We request that all applicants apply with serious intent to adopt.

4). How do you justify your adoption fees? Paw Placement loses money our adoption fees, and relies on further donations to stay in operation. Vet treatment and for our dogs cost us at least $200 per dog and $80 per cat, with many instances of animals accumulating vet bills in the thousands. We are lucky that our vet partners give us discounts for medical care and we pass this discount to adopters. Full retail vet work would run between $350 to $650 for all that Paw Placement provides our animals.



1). For whatever reason, I am unable to keep my cat or dog. Will you take him? Paw Placement appreciates it when owners responsibly attempt to find alternate safe placement for their pets when they cannot keep them. However, there are more people giving away their animals than there are adoptive homes available. If we do not have immediate space available or are low on resources, we ask that:

Owners continue to foster their pet until a suitable foster home be found
All vet work on the animal is current and provided by owner
Donations for ongoing care are much needed

2). I have found a stray animal or litter of kittens. Can you help me find homes for them? Paw Placement is always in need of foster homes and donations to sustain operations. If you are able to help us, either by fostering your stray until we can find alternate placement, or are able to help us cover costs.