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Oakley's Web Page

Unknown breed / mixed (long coat)  : :  Male  : :  Senior  : :  Medium

Fox Terrier Wire/Irish Terrier Mix

About Oakley

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 1563
Hi everybody good and nice!! I am super cute and super silly! Oh yeah, my name is Oakely, but my foster Mommy calls me Okie dokie! She?s silly too. I am such a good boy...I am silly and so curious about life. I didn?t even know what a squeaky toy was until my foster Mommy showed me...I got kinda scared when she first made it squeak but now I love them! I also love any kind of bones, especially the basted ones. Would you please buy me some squeaky toys and bones?? I love other doggies too and love to play. I am such a good boy that I listen to what the other doggies say and I mind them! My foster Mommy has five doggies! Some of them don?t really like me ?cuz I?m really silly, so they kinda yell at me. I know that means they don?t want to play and then I leave them alone! I am so good sez my foster Mommy. Smart, too. I figured out the doggy door and I go poop and pee outside even though I had a few mistakes in the beginning! Ooops! You just need to show me with love what to do and be patient with me! My foster Mommy understands that I had little to eat when I was littler and when I first came to her house, I tried to eat an empty plastic doggie bowl! So silly! But now I eat alongside all of my foster sisters (o.k., I still inhale my food and hope to beg some off of somebody else) and my foster Mommy even figured out that she can grab my bowl when I?m eating and I don?t get upset. I don?t want to hurt anybody!! I just had a rough start in life. I?m a good boy who just needs somebody who loves me unconditionally and wants to teach me stuff about life. I?m still afraid I won?t ever have food again, but I?m getting so much better. I met a couple of kitties too and they just kinda smell interesting, but I?d rather play with doggies. Last, but not least, my foster Mommy sez that I am absolutely adorable. And goofy, silly, extremely smart and I make people smile by just looking at my face! (Is that a good thing?!?) Hmmm. Anyway, I love to lay on people and other doggies! If my foster Mommy stops rubbing me, I touch her with my paw. She sez I am super super super sweet and so cute. I have the best face ever...I heard some of the rescue humans say I melt hearts! I am such a very special little boy who loves to go for walks and meet people! I?m a little afraid of new doggies, but after a little schniffin? here and there, everything?s copasetic! I know then that they won?t hurt me! I love all my foster sisters so much but they scared me at first! Would you take me on walks, play silly games with me, buy my cool toys and bones and teach me all about life ?n stuff?? If you want to meet me, please fill out the on line application thingie...the more you tell the nice rescue people about yourself, the better! Write lots of words ?n stuff about yourself so the nice rescue people can find me the best forever home, ok?? Hugs, Oakley!, ~A note from Paw Placement: Oakley is NOT in any way disposable for any reason. These reasons include, but are not limited to: moving, marriage, divorce, new babies, training issues, or any perceived ?inconvenience? on your part. Oakley could easily be a 15+ year commitment. If you are not able to commit to this sweet boy for the rest of his life with lots of love and joy, we?d prefer that you did not apply. We?re interested only in people who understand that animals love us and need us for their whole lives. Thanks and arf!!!

More about Oakley

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